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Trade Tracker Pro Scam Or Legit?

Just this morning, I saw a new scam start to spread it's creepy tentacles across the internet. The first evidence was the three emails I found sitting in my inbox when I woke up. That made me raise my eyebrows so I took a quick search on google and saw the same old scam blogs promoting it like it's the holy grail of binary options. What a load of BS. These people never get tired of capitalizing on the latest, greatest get rich quick scheme. The reason they wake up in the morning and are able to climb out of their miserable beds is because they can't wait to greedily check their affiliate accounts to see how many new traders fell for their lies. It's all about money.

This particular piece of crap scam is called Trade Tracker Pro. The scammers behind it hired some no name actor with a beard to weave their lies. Beards are important these days you know. Everyone has one and everyone who is smart totally has one, so this guy must be legit, right? Rolling my eyes. So here we have bearded guy droning on and on about how he made 80 thousand dollars using a trading bot and was able to quit his job. Of course his fabulously entertaining story includes a sob session about how his wife and kids left him because he was broke. But don't feel too sorry for bearded guy, because at the end of the video he's off for a date with some bimbo with huge boobs, he met at a resort. That part is really important you know, because all bearded guys who make 80k a month sitting on their butt, can land any bimbo they want. It's part of the rich people club. Are you jealous yet?

While sitting here watching this video for Trade Tracker Pro, I resist the urge to throw up in my mouth. You can almost see the gleeful sneer on bearded guys face. I imagine that after he'd finished acting for the day, he begged the producer to let him keep the money he magically withdrew from the atm. He probably went home that night and downed a bottle of xanax because he realized how pathetic his existence is. How hard it must have been for him to turn that wad of cash back over into the fat fingers of the producers. But such is life. Maybe he feels a little bit of our pain, as some of us traders have turned over our money into these same fat fingers and felt the sting of betrayal when the emails and phone calls suddenly go unanswered.

Suffice to say, Trade Tracker Pro is a nightmare of a mess. Making 80 thousand dollars a month is only possible for the producers of Trade Tracker Pro Scam. They are the only ones who will be enjoying that wad of cash, and you'll be sitting there staring at the screen, too embarrassed to tell your friends you were wrong once more. Save yourself the humiliation and hit to your ego. Just say no. And while you're at it, say no to Social Trader too, because it's competing for "scam of the year" right up next to Trade Tracker Pro.