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Late Night Reading Paying Dividends.(Advances In Solar Tech.)

|Includes: FSLR, Solar Capital (SLRC)

This post in inspired by a recent article from Science Daily;

It goes on to discuss new research in solar power generation, specifically in the production of solar energy panels, that could bring their efficiency from 20 to 70% ultimately, and which might ultimately make them competitive per se with fossil fuels.


Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on one's perspective, the research is being done by two universities, and a private company;

Scitech Holding Associates;

However, they are looking for partners/investors if anyone's interested. They've also been given a grant form the government to further their research. Its kind of funny to think that such consequential research would only be awarded 650K, but then again, I have no idea if that's enough, more than enough, or not enough to really do the research/work that they are doing.


Out of this little rabbits hole however, I did find one tasty morsel of high dividend yielding beta. Namely, SLRC. When one mentions solar and investments together one might normally think of ye olde, FSLR, a hot stock from a few years back, which as it currently stands pays no dividends. That may be the right cup of tea for some, but a dollar today is better than a potential dollar in several years according to some. Either way, SLRC, is a touch expensive, at 24.69, with a decent yield though, at 9.72%. However, a high yield and a kind of unique beta/exposure, is kind of a nice high yield diversifying element to one's portfolio potentially.


If one wants to hedge this play which in and of its self could be seen as a diversifying hedge, the tea for these crumpets could be SDRL, kind of an odd the anagram-eque quality to this pair, but a high yielding drilling etc company, and a high yield renewable energy play, could be fit nicely into the energy pocket of one's portfolio.


And now, for everyone's favorite poet Robert Burns' illumination of sunlight, and the catching thereof.





Sunlight catches on dew dampened leaves,
Pictures of silver from solitary trees!
Beams of bright white come peeking inside,
Escaping through branches as it meets my eyes.

Tall and sturdy with twelve feet of girth,
The roots deeply sunk in the depth of the earth.
A masterpiece for the painter with the stroke of a brush,
But can he do it justice, or is that asking too much?

Green leaves shaped as ovals hang tightly in breeze,
Swimming to and fro, and frolicking if you please.
Birds make their nests and the owl spends the night,
Keeping watch over his kingdom, till a rodent causes flight.

My bark like blankets layers and protects me from harm.
Dribbling sap, a sticky substance, scabbing when it's near the ground.
A snake wraps round my branches, waiting daily for small prey.
And then as nighttime travels, catching sunlight, and drags way!