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One Last Turkey Call.

Though its perhaps at this point somewhat like kicking a dead horse, as a final ode to the previous discussion of the kind of bacteria harbored in super-doped livestock, "Consumer Reports" recently found that animals raised in factory-like settings were often the hosts of much more bacteria than were animals not raised in these settings. Though of course, perhaps this isn't really old news, it may lead some to perhaps engage in some good old fashioned turkey-hunting more often. Living in the somewhat arboreal-southern tip of the north-east-corridor this could perhaps be a fun activity for those in similar necks of the wood. Supposedly a male turkey is actually called a "Jake", and surely there are other tasty tidbits of knowledge that could be learned from this endeavor. Though I'm not personally one to engage in this endeavor, with the huge gun sales increases across the country, their may be more individuals in the market for said-"pass-time" given the new found dearth of armaments, who can say; but surely this sort of news puts the premium on the life of a wild-turkey a little closer to the sky.


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