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Greek Of The Day;"Thanatos"

Greek word's/letters are often used in math or science, to substitute for concepts of various sorts. Options tend to be the most "Greek" but today's stock market and yesterday's is perhaps reminiscent of another Greek word, that word being "thanatos" or death. You can almost sense the ancient intrigue and lore surrounding death from an ancient word like "thanatos", however today's market performance was none-too-mystical, but it was surely full of some "thanatos" none-the-less, so lets take a look at some of those whom were spared.


(NYSE:NM) Navios Maritime Partners; was up 1 cent.

(NYSEMKT:NTS) Communications up.

(OTCQB:BMNM) Bimini Capital; mreit up

(Mark Mobius' Templteon Asia Growth Fund) up

(OTCPK:OGZPY) Gazprom up

(Full) "Closed End Investment Company" like Apollo etc. up

(NASDAQ:SBLK) Star Bulk Carriers up

(NYSE:AES) Energy Management etc not negative at least(at the moment; 2:52)

(NYSEARCA:CROP) Not Negative; Index IQ ETF Trust

(NYSEARCA:HYEM)(BATS:EMHY) Up emerging markets

(NYSE:MFV) Persona favorite; up "Special" investment trust

(NASDAQ:CPLP) Tankers, up

(OTCQB:PHOT)(OTCPK:HEMP) Marijuana penny stocks; up

(NASDAQ:SAFT) Insurance group up

(SMDR) Salamander Energy; Emerging market etc energy/exploration up

(NYSE:TOO) Teekay Offshore up

(NASDAQ:GULF) Wisdomtree Gulf-region specific etf up

(NYSE:CRT) Cross Timbers Royalty Trust up(high yield royalty trust)

(NYSE:SBR) Sabine Royalty Trust; another high yield royalty trust; up aswell