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Interesting Nuclear "Situation" Map App.

Whenever people think of Russia and the US coming into conflict perhaps movies like Dr. Strangelove or the like come to mind, and hence, nuclear wars etc. After studying this topic a little, I found that all it would take is ~12 or so modern nuclear bombs, in carbon rich areas, (cities or forests) to essentially reduce to ash enough carbon via which said carbon ash would then enter the atmosphere(via the "wind" current generated by the heat of the nuclear reaction/explosion)and causing a "nuclear winter" presumably killing most of the world(people) in several years. There's a variety of books on this topic, and I believe a major "study" per se, was conducted on said topic in the 80's.


Perhaps however, this is a little too vague for one's imagination per se, or sense of curiosity, and hence one wants to know exactly what might happen(height of detonation, weather presumed etc.) if a variety of different types of "nuclear" bombs were dropped near their homes. Perhaps it is somewhat macabre but interesting potentially, I mean who wouldn't be curious right, its intriguing perhaps.


Anyway, this is a cool website, I believe featured in an online version of "The Guardian" or something several years ago, and of course I couldn't help but rechecking out of curiosity given this most recent spate of disagreements between these two countries. Hence without further adieu here is the website, where one can check this out for one's self. Its pretty customizable per se, and could be interesting. It can be kind of fun to know in sort of a strange hopefully "bizarro" world kind of way.


Merry trading and investing. Thanks again for reading.