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Post-Ukraine Economic Rifts And Alliances.

This whole Ukraine situation has perhaps been interesting for a variety of reasons. Perhaps just as how, applying pressure to some sort of materials can expose the outline of its undergirding or sort of "support grid" per se, of its being, so has this Ukrainian situation perhaps shed some light on some interesting realities of the eastern-European economy in general.


Though it may seem somewhat banal, and I believe that there is precedent for this sort of thing in the past(produce bans based on foreign policy choices), Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, are in the process of banning Polish apples of all things over "contamination" etc. worries. Though perhaps this is somewhat of a pedestrian story on first glance, perhaps it reminds or shows us that there is a sort of tacit allegiance between Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, as a sort of foreign policy entity per se.


Another interesting story perhaps post sanctions is that of Total, which has come out and said it is expecting the majority of its raw-energy-sources per se to be coming out of Russia by 2020; hence perhaps illuminating the sort of unwillingness for large companies like Total for example to sort of "get involved" in this current still-brewing controversy.


Another interesting development post all this hullabaloo per se, is that the Russian space agency is saying that it will become closer to its Chinese counterpart(as opposed to NASA) as a result of all of this contention per se. This is perhaps unfortunate, as it was perhaps cool to see former "space race" competitors sharing programs vis a vis US and Russia for a bit there, with the US sort of renting Russian shuttle-taxi service for a little bit there, but perhaps alas that is no longer the case.


Either way perhaps when one adds "energy" or "stress" to an economic equation it may add clarity to perhaps otherwise unknown or overlooked relationships within that sort of economic ecosystem per se, so perhaps even though this whole eastern-Europe situation is not really good per se, in so far as the "stability" of the region is concerned, at least perhaps it may elucidate hitherto unknown economic relationships and alliances, to those interested in developing/emerging market economies per se, and the region in general. Hence, perhaps there's always a flicker of flame amongst the ashes per se, and perhaps a little energy here at least yielded some intellectual or academic benefits per se, one way or another.


Hopefully everyone's investing is going great, and is safe and sound regardless of the impending troop build-up and ultimatum exchanging situation that is currently developing in the Ukrainian situation per se.



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