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Interesting Developments For Sberbank And Ukraine.

Since many are a big fan of dividend's like myself, I presumed there might be some others out there that might find the following to be somewhat interesting.


According to the "Moscow Times" Sberbank's CEO who is CEO seemingly for the next 1.5 years at least, has announced that Sberbank will continue to pay out around 20% of its profit per se, from dividends. Sberbank's US stock per se, is SBRCY(~$10.72 p/s) it seems, and it currently has a yield of roughly ~2.7%. The CEO a mister German Gref, seems to also be an interesting character.



According to the article discussing the dividend policy per se, Snr. Gref has seemingly presided over the transition whereby Sberbank shifted from a more soviet era style of banking into a more modern one. Perhaps its always interesting to see what sort of observations could be made by an individual in such a position, and it might be an interesting read if he ever comes out with some "Transforming Sberbank" book or something.


Though the topic might be similar at least in theme to notions like that of this "white paper" per se from 2004 I believe, about "payment solutions" in emerging markets, there might be an interesting twist to an originally soviet style transition. It seems from some emerging market bank/investing research papers, that it may be somewhat different to build a banking system per se from scratch as opposed to transforming one that's already in place per se.

source for research presentation from Visa on emerging market banking per se;



Either way its perhaps nice that the banking world or at least large banks in the Ukraine region per se are trying to keep on keeping on if one will, regardless of the current situation there, and hopefully things may run smoothly and be ok, despite the continuing instability in the region, namely exchanges between Ukr. Chocolate Baron-government forces, and local anti-maidan folks.


discussion of the sweet-riches of Ukraine's choco-baron president;


As a brief aside about the new Ukranian president, from the above article it seems as though he is clearly a chocolate-baron per se, but he also was implicated in the mispricing of state-commodity(nickel) based resources(presumingly underpricing them when they were being sold off or whatnot), so though he may be a sort of non-commodity oligarch himself, he seemingly has favors he can call in per se, from that more traditional post-soviet era, raw commodity type oligarch group per se, so perhaps he'll be a interesting sort of product/commodity oligarch leader, which may be better perhaps for diplomatic purposes than simply being simply a production vs. commodity oligarch exlucisvely(he may then be able to better get along with both "Euro" and more "Ruso" centric factions per se.


Hopefully everyone's investments are great, dividend stability or not, and hopefully everyone's on the up side of their trades per se, thanks again for reading.