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Developments In The Ukrainian "Discussion"(Semi-Humorous)

|Includes: Raiffeisen Bank International AG ADR (RAIFY)

Though recent news has been riddled with stories of the EU and Russia wearily trading one sanction for another, with farmers in particular(those of Greece and Spain for ex.) falling into tough times, some signs of hope are yet emitted from this otherwise black-hole of a conflict per se.


Though Ronald McDonald has surely been feeling the heat as of recent with location after location(in Russia) being closed for "sanitary reasons", even the iconic, one located along Pushkin Square(source). There seems to yet be a few rays of hope emanating from this otherwise troubled region in these newly turbulent times.

January 31, 1990; the opening of the first McDonalds in Russia;



Though "the oligarchs" may be missing a few decimal places worth of capital in their newly frozen bank accounts, though Russians are dropping their capital(real estate) in London(still up for debate)(source) and New York(source) and moving it to real estate back in Russia(source) there are still a few green shoots of hope amidst all the uncertainly and skullduggery that has surely been perpetrated by both sides in this seemingly endless battle of blame allotment.


Namely, though food prices for Russian people are acutely reacting to food scarcity per se induced by food import bans by increasing(source), not everyone's food is becoming more costly, at least according to anecdotal evidence from the video linked below;

Prairie dog too husky to depart burrow.


Apart from the healthy prairie dogs of Eastern Europe/Russia, it seems as though some past picks from the blog are also doing alright amidst the chaos and tumult of these strange sort of pseudo-thorough sanction wars; namely the Austrian bank Raiffeisen, has projected that, sanctions or not, their large Eastern European and Russian business lines per se, will presumably be doing fine(source). Perhaps this is surprising given news stories such as those pertaining to suffering foreign banks per se in Russia at the moment(example), but none the less, it seems Raiffeisen is in the clear at least for the moment.


Thanks again for reading, I hope everyone's investments are doing great, and accumulating in heft like the prairie-dog or squirrel in the linked video per se. Thanks again for reading.