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The Whalesharks Are Finding Greener Pastures, And The Jellyfish Are Drifting In (MPW).

|Includes: Medical Properties Trust, Inc. (MPW)

If anyone has been following MPW as of recently one might notice somewhat of a trend as of the past week or so. A trend which reversed in a very good way today. The trend in question is the decreasing level of institutional ownership of the stock, which correlated to its price dropping by about 20-30 cents.

Its good to know that MPW can lose 20% of its institutional ownership level, and yet still stay over 9.50.

On another note, in another positive sign for the stock, even though institutional ownership levels have dropped the aformentioned amount, today, presumably, all of the individuals who recognized its value, moved in and started snatching up what the institutions had left in their wake, leading to a positive day for the stock.

Why did the institutions move off of MPW, it might have to do with their new scheduled offering of 200mil in common shares, which presumably might be seen as some sort of event which might trigger some sort of automatic response by institutional investors. There are various sort of bylaws that govern the investment decisions of institutions etc, that might be there as a safeguard, but which might not, really represent a real buy or sell signal, simply that a hairtrigger, threshold, or event was scheduled into the stocks future(namely the increased share offering) which might have made institutional decision making sort of arbitrary in this case. But again, one can only presume.

Thus, perhaps today was a good day for MPW, showing that even in dumping 20% institutional ownership, its price was only lowered by .2 bucks. Furthermore, its kind of good to see, that once this great sale was over, its was quickly replaced by individuals buying the stock back up and driving its price up marginally higher.

As long as MPW keeps its dividend level at current levels, MPW would thus perhaps seems like an attractive investment.