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MPW Finished Out The Week In A Strong Position.

|Includes: Medical Properties Trust, Inc. (MPW)

MPW and the majority of the other healthcare Reits finished the day with a continuation of yersteday's positive momentum. MPW picked up right where it left off at close yesterday, and kept on trucking up the curve to positive gains.

Though today was a good day for MPW, it wasn't as good a day as the past two days relative to its sector. The "Man-O-War" of Healthcare Reits, SBRA, once again finished the day in first, with a gain of 1.62% or 26 cents. MPW came in fourth behind NHI, and UHT, with a more modest but still solid gain of 9 cents, or .95%.

Once again the healthcare Reits took their ques from the major indices and ran with them. The DJ finished the day up .11%, with the S&P up .36%. Needless to say once again the healthcare Reits were ahead of the curve, riding the wind and waves of positive growth to a solid position in todays trading.

Meanwhilst, MPW has also declared its dividend for this period, with things staying the same at .2 cents per share.

Perhaps the recent cooption of Earnest Health's facilities will lead to a rising dividend sometime in the future, but either way, for now its clearly staying at the same level it was last period.