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Amidst The Waves And Tumult Two Boats Came Into Sight(MPW And SBRA)

|Includes: Medical Properties Trust, Inc. (MPW)

Today was not an easy day for healthcare Reits. For the most part it was pretty much losses across the board. However, like two shafts of line beaming through the gaps in grey stormclouds, MPW and SBRA, shined through with their charachteristic resiliance.

Now, MPW and SBRA had a hard day of it yesterday, seeing losses and erratic price movements. But today, MPW and SBRA were the only two beacons of positive growth amidst the healthcare Reit crowd.

In an unusual reversal of roles, SBRA played second fiddle to MPW today. MPW lead the charge out of the darkness with a gain of 4 cents or .42%. SBRA seemingly caught a rope that MPW had cast to aid its ailing fellow adventure, and slowly slinked out of the maelstrom, recording a gain of 1 cent or .06%.

This image of the shamblin hulk being pulled out of a mire by the more streamlined MPW was a sight one usually does not see, but nonetheless it was a sight that was welcomed.

The two boats swallowed deepest into the belly of today tempest were VTR and HCP. VTR was down 1.93%, and HCP was down 2.32%.