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|Includes: Medical Properties Trust, Inc. (MPW)

In a continuation of the themes which might lead one to invest in healthcare Reits, MPW is following the game plan, and plans for growth are seeming more and more apparent.

In kind of a unique news story, it is mentioned that MPW is actually building a new building at Birmingham Airport. MPW is based out of Birmingham Alabama, for the sake of clarification.

As was discussed and perhaps presumed from themes in previous posts, MPW is kind of a funny Reit. This may be one of those moments, when one has decent value, as far as current investment is concerned, but far more importantly, one has the opporatunity to invest in an up and coming growing operation.

As was guessed hehe, in previous postings it was presumed that though MPW was suffering at the moment, presumably due to its broader market correlation, that it was priming its self to grow. While stalwarts stay invested at this price, and payout level, one may presume, that these same stalwarts may be soon rewarded for their diligence.

In themes from a post or two ago, we were discussing the possibilities of MPW increasing payouts and perhaps hence price, in the future, once it sort of fully incrporated Ernest Health and its facilities and cash flows into its(MPWs) own larger umbrella.

What's kind of fun about this story is that we actually get the chance to see this happening, in icremental little phases, like seeing the construction of a high quality automatic watch for example.

For, with this sort of springboard like development concerning upgraded transportation options, we are perhaps seeing this maturing of MPW from a young, soft nymph, to a harder shelled more resiliant adult.

Its fun to see this occuring(perhaps thats kind of subjective), and its even more fun to have been somewhat invested in MPW from before hand.

It is perhaps these sorts of events that make investing fun, and seeing a larger but not behemoth company, grow into a larger stronger one, is satisfying, especially when one has some familiarity with said growing enterprise.

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