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Reflections On Whack A Mole.

|Includes: Medical Properties Trust, Inc. (MPW)

Well, the markets are down this morning, and as usual MPW has done its dance, and is moving with the markets, "Now to the left!". Seeing as how most mid day movements, especially if unusually positive, are usually dragged back down by the end of the day, I wonder if one could assume a sort of "whack-a-mole" approach to trading this market.

If one found stocks which behaved similarly to MPW, and tracked them throughout the course of the day, one could presumably perhaps profit; by selling them at their potential mid-day/anomalous highs and then riding them down to their presumably lower end of day price. This might work. It might not be so profitable, and could be kind of nerve wracking, because it could include large shorts that would have to be held, for several hours. However, apart from that it could seem like a pretty easy, way to make a quick buck. It wouldn't take many "indicators" or what not to implement either, the only justifications would have to be

1. Is the market down in general

2. Is this equity moving up in price, especially after a lower than previous close open.

3. If yes, buy after drop, sell at around noonish, and short back to close.

Seems pretty easy, and having seen this pattern with the likes of MPW, on a regular basis, I wonder if it would work with other stocks. Either way, its an interesting market these days, a little lackluster, but comfortably semi-predictable, and I hope everybody's having a fun time investing and trading.