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Cheap Gas

If you're a big fan of our automobile friends, this video may be of interest to you. When one watches car reviews, or looks up the "stats" of interesting automobiles, one may ask one's self "What is this car's average mpg?"

Or, when one is watching some documentary on some individual in the Gulf who drives some notoriously gas guzzling car one may say to one's self, "Gosh, that must be a fortune to drive around"(for those of us who still say "Gosh"). Of course there are extenuating circumstances for most things, however, this interesting video clip may enlighten one's self as to how much less of a fortune driving around in that gas guzzler could be depending on where one is in the world. A tangential point of interest in regards to said data, is how different government policies may effect the price of gas. Either way, if your a mpg counter, or an "engine watcher", this snippet may tickle your fancy.