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Choppy Seas

Markets looking choppy, might be a poncho day, yargh.

As of 7 today we have the following situation;

S&P down 15

Nasdaq down 27

Dow Down 111

Silver is at 27.46, lower than yesterday

RBOB, aka gas price (after adding .65, and in a weeks time) is also down 4.84

Fortunately this is another good day for ye olde silver, and gas, so its kind of a consumer day, will these persist, who can say, but if you like to buy stocks, gas, or silver, it might not be bad day.

As a side note, for the numismatic connoisseur out there a new 5 oz America the Beautiful coin was recently released from the US Mint. It looks pretty cool. These coins themselves look like one giant state quarter, so they're kind of cool to look at. I'm not a "stacker" or "silver-bug" myself, but these sorts of products are always kind of unique and interesting.

And just as a word to the wise, Apmex Price<US Mint Price, generally for these specific coins, if one decides to pick up one.

Anyway, have a great weekend, and thanks for reading.