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A Few Potholes Have Developed Overnight On Route....

Well, the Green Lantern's territory has been vexed by pestilence, and here we are in a sea of red.

Silver is down, and is now around 28.35

Rbob has also taken a licking, and is now down 5.0+ at 262.74

The S&P, Nasdaq, and Dow, are all down as well.

The S&P is down 7 points

The Nasdaq, down 12 points,

And, ye old Dow, hit pretty hard, down 50 points.

One never knows though, throughout the course of the day, there may be some sort of interesting soundbyte out of Europe or the rest of the world that could shift the markets, or the Bears could get sleepy, and decide to call off the negative price movements as sometimes occurs.

Either way, as we know the stock market is often down, but not usually out, so I guess we'll have to see how today's market action shapes up.