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Amidst The Wreckage

Amongst circling sea gulls a few survivors languidly paddle at the surface.

A few of these survivors include;

SBRA, up 31 cents.

Excel Maritime Carriers, (NYSE:EXM) once quite a bit more valuable than today, is up 4 tenths of a cent.

Navios Maritime (NYSE:NMM) is also up 15 cents.

NYMT is also up 2 cents.

The ever interesting Bimini Capital(OTCQB:BMNM) is also not negative for the day, but that may only be because its so thinly traded that it's been overlooked by today's scythe of destruction.

Our old high yielding friend, ARR is also up amidst the debris, up about a cent.

Templeton Asia Growth is also up, a mutual fund managed by the praiseworthy Mark Mobius.(TEMP_ASIA_GROW_1KPSXX9)

OTT and GYLD, a couple of interesting investments, are also up 2 and 1 cent respectively.