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Next Stop, Basement Level 2

Well, it seems as though stocks are on a negative trajectory for the day here.

Many stocks appear to be "going down" per se, but there are a few live embers amongst the ashes.

These embers include the likes of NMM, NTS, NYMT, and CIM.

Hence, high yielding Reit's still have a few champions left in the ruck.

Perhaps however, before the end of the day these too will simmer down, or perhaps the rest of their fallen investment friends will rise up, with the ever changing news horizon, concerning Europe, the Fed, etc, one can never really say for sure.

On another note, perhaps these positives are simply the result of some sort of large scale inside joke amongst the robo-trading organizations. A joke which started off along the lines of "Hey guys you know what would be really funny? If we somehow managed to keep stocks that started with an N up even if the market is going down." Of course there are obvious exceptions to this, but it would be funny if not extremely unlikely none the less.