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The Lone Buoy, Flopping Around In The Tide.(OTT)

|Includes: Otelco, Inc. (OTEL)

As the market moves lower again, which seemed almost unavoidable given the tendencies of the market these days, one can't help but notice a couple of orange specks on the horizon, seemingly rising above the tumult and waves.

Of course, today, ARR is up, but with it is a somewhat lesser known(perhaps) high yielding dividend stock. That stock being none other, than OTT, or Otelco. According to the companies "abstract" OTT is involved in telecommunications. Apart from this it has a price around 7.40(7.43 at the moment), and has a dividend of a tasty .24 dollars. Hence, this stock has yields, in a sense similar or better relative to that of the longtime champion of the instablog, MPW.

Surely more can be said of OTT, however, at the moment, I'm unfamiliar with much other than this superficial profile, hopefully I'll get a chance to explore it a little bit more in subsequent instablog articles.

Nonetheless, until then, all things considered, it seems as though OTT can add a tasty cashflow to ones portfolio, especially relative to its relatively small cost of only 7.43 per share.