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XG Technologies Receives Military Contract With US Army, Stock To Rise Up Fast

|Includes: xG Technology, Inc. (XGTI)

XG Technologies receives military contract with US Army, Stock to Rise up fast
Leader in wireless communication and spectrum sharing, XGTI Technologies has received a large military contract that estimates that the stock values of the Co. will increase by leaps and bounds in the coming few months.
Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, the total revenue of the Co. is of the order of 406,000 USD as of the year 2013. With acquisition of new customers and large business contracts, the Co. earlier experienced a very steep and direct rise in its stock value from $1 to $95 a few years back.
As of 2016, the stock value of the Co. is on a consistent rise and market gurus call this a great time for people to invest in their shares.
Recently featured on Yahoo as one of the fastest emerging stocks for this summer, XGTI stand next to biggies such as Friendable and others.
Known for their expertise in developing communication technologies that make wireless networks more intelligent, accessible, affordable and reliable, the "company's technology brand portfolio includes xMax and Integrated Microwave Technologies (NYSE:IMT)", as per
With the gain of this contract with U.S. Army Intelligence Electronic Warfare Test Directorate, XGTI would be supplying xMax Cognitive Networking Equipment.
This order consists of "an xMax software defined cognitive radio (SDCR) system and associated hardware and software that will serve as a mobile tactical communications infrastructure." say inside sources.
In the past one month, Markets have reported that along with UPL, GRNH and SSE, XGTI is the first of the four stocks that have been trading on a considerably much higher volume.
As on April 20th, 2016, XGTI is said to have traded 25% higher as compared to previous weeks, thereby beating several close competitors.
With these improvements, George Schmitt, CEO and Board Chairman of xG Technology has expressed his excitement over the range of technology and latest tools that XGTI has to offer to its clients.
Founded in 2002, XGTI has come a long way and has experienced several ups and downs to reach where they are today.
According to their website, "xMax is a patented all-IP cognitive radio network system that enables secure, robust mobile broadband communications for private, consumer and government networks."
The team at XGTI is confident that in the coming days and months, this fresh deal signed with US Army will catapult their performance standards, hiring standards and therefore profits and revenues manifold.

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