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URSL Uncovered - SCAM

|Includes: (URSL)


Promotional Activity.

Shell Risk.

False Contact information on the SEC Site.

This stock hit my radar after I noticed it was up over 600% for no apparent reason. I then decided to do some digging.

I will keep this short and FACTUAL based.

FACT: The company is currently undergoing promotional activity and CLEAR manipulation. OPINION: Insiders are dumping stock.

FACT: I called their office phone listed on the SEC site and it turned out to be a MASSAGE PARLOR in Las Vegas.

FACT: I called the lobby man at their address in NYC, based on OTC website, and turns out it is a residential property, and URSL simply rent a P.O. box next door.

FACT: Their address listed on the SEC website IS NOT their address. It belongs to a massage parlor.

FACT: OTC have identified the company as both SHELL RISK and PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITY.

I fully expect the company to get Caveat Emptor by the OTC, and ultimately cease to trade.

Disclosure: I am/we are short URSL.