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Investment Ideas follow up - Exchange sector

|Includes: CME Group Inc. (CME), ICE, NDAQ, TMXXF

Just thought I'd do a quick follow up to my Asia-Pac exchanges article.

For those interested in the sector more generally, here's some resources. The chart below is from the November FTSE Mondo Visione Exchanges Index Monthly Analysis report (here). It shows the index as well as som key events in the exchange sector.

Also from the report is the table below which shows the constituents, their country of listing, market capitalisation, and some performance figures. This is useful for drilling into index performance and forms a quick way of finding the major listed exchanges (there are a handful of other smaller ones).

Constituents of the FTSE Mondovisione Exchanges Index

Mondovisione is also useful as a news source on the exchange sector. Another very useful website on the exchange sector is the World Federation of Exchanges website. This is useful for getting just about any exchange statistic you want, and can actually be quite handy for general financial market/economic research.

Hope this helps.

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