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Why Is APPLE Undervalued?

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

Stock trading is not a gambling. Trader depends on the knowledge and experience, and not out of luck. To be a successful stock trader you need to open an account and you can begin training. It can be tested buying and selling stocks and investment strategies. The profit is a great deal of experience trading. The stock market is traded on the information, data and events. During the day there is available data on the movement of stock prices. I wanted to give answers to the following questions in order to help everyone use it better. Why is AAPL undervalued? What's next? During the Great Depression traders in the stock market have become rich by buying undervalued stocks. Even today, those who do a good homework and research, will be found great chances to buy undervalued stocks. Apple stocks reached over $119 per share for the first time after divestiture in June 2014. The decision on the distribution of stocks in relation to 7/1 Apple has made with a view to the companies. Stocks become available for purchase a broader range of investors. The stock price reached $650 per share. In the opinion of the company, psychology of lower prices and a larger number of available stocks it makes them more attractive. Great results, especially when it comes to earnings exceeded the expectations of economists. It is a positive effect on stock prices. Sales of the iPhone have achieved great success as demand for all three models achieved significant growth. The growth in stock prices is certainly influenced by the decision of the Board to significantly increase the program of returning capital to shareholders. In September 2012, the stock price reached a record high value of $ 702.10. per share It was followed by a major decline in the under $400 per share which represents a decrease of over 40%. The Wall Street analysts predicted a growth on to $1000 per share.

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It shows how much profit it has earned in a time period when the transaction is opened. It can see personal account for trading. In this position, it can be seen opening buying Apple at a current price at $520 per share and the current price is $625 and profit gain is 20.15%. You can see investment amount, net profit $4.03 and equity $24.03. Each trader has to identify high probability trade and analyze all of the entry criteria.


Ideally, your entry points should be either at the peak or bottom of a trend. This picture is showing duration 30 weeks in the profit zone. Stock trading has been used technical analysis and fundamental analysis. It is important to access to global information for success in stocks trading. A successful investor relies on the knowledge and resources to make his decision process was as accurate as possible. The market trend is formed. To prevent large losses, you can use the charts to predict what direction the market moves. The process must recognize the difference between the market and market trends.

This picture is showing buying stocks entry positions. The highest price was $700 per share. It is possible to hold the stocks until the current price of $625 per share will be reached $700 in the future. When the price of Apple will be reached $700 per share it will be confirmed the maximum price. If the price breaks more than $700 it will continue to rise. In this situation, an investor can sell the stocks.

Events started in the past and they continue to move into the future. The question is whether the stocks of Apple's repeat the previous cycle or just division of atypical actions in this regard was an attempt to prevent it. Economists have different opinions on this issue. They urge caution because of the previous cycle when, after reaching record highs stock prices had a sharp decline. Analysts believe that the current situation Apple is very different from when the previous fall occurred. In 2015 was launched an iWatch. It will further increase revenue. Apple is among the companies with the highest annual payment of dividends in the world. Apple reached a value on the stock market of $ 700 billion. It is based on speculation. Tomorrow analyst will say that Apple is in crisis. The stocks began to fall. Traders are beginning to sell. Apple undervalued in the stock market and stocks are worth less than they should. Why? A bunch of them thought that they will not be successful with iWatch. The analyst said to sell the stocks immediately, it does not expect anything spectacular from the event and it probably followed the Apple downgrade. Trades listen and stocks are undervalued.

It can see my open trade.

It shows support and resistance level of Apple stocks. The line of support begins from $111.54. The penetration level of support often leads to further price falls. The next level of support is $111.78. From this line of support at $111.78 at the level of $112.48 are pivot points. The next level is the first line of resistance at level $112.48. The resistance level is a price that is likely to refuse to continue in the opposite direction. If you break that level likely to lead to a significant jump or fall in prices. The second line of resistance is at the level at $112.94. Apple stocks were up at $113.90 and then the price pulled back and rejected from this level. Price should be twice deducted from the resistance levels and thus confirm the level of resistance. If prices break through resistance levels and it can expect a further rise in the price of the next line of resistance.

Disclosure: I am/we are long AAPL.