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Jon Corzine - The Fox in the Hen House?

|Includes: Bank of America Corporation (BAC), GS
I am flabbergasted. Here is an excerpt of my book, page 43, “Anatomy of the Meltdown – 1998-2008. The Worst Decade in Stock Investing, or Was It?”.
“As a result, among others, Jon Corzine, Senior Partner of Goldman Sachs and closely involved with LTCM, was sacked by no other than Henri Paulson, then President of the firm. Corzine, a Chicagoan by education and professional training, went on to become Senator of New Jersey in 2001 and Governor in 2006. Having spent a cumulative $100Mn of his own money on these two races, after having been at the helm of Goldman while it was fueling the Bubble, Corzine is one of my favorite characters of these times – as in culprit.”

Who is watching the Hen House?

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Disclosure: I own no position in either BAC or GS.