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5 Stocks For 50% Returns In 2022

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  • 2022 is going to be an exciting year for investors, and DK members are fully prepared thanks to our comprehensive weekly video reports.
  • CHGG, MED, BTI, EPD, and CMCSA are five companies analysts think can soar an average of 50% in 2022 alone. Those consensus forecasts are 100% justified by fundamentals and valuations.
  • DK is constantly adding and improving its world-class tools, which have helped our members make millions in profits, and achieve their rich retirement dreams.
  • Our team is up to 23 people so far, including some of the best analysts in the world, who consistently deliver outstanding long-term returns.
  • On March 1st, 2022, DK is raising its price by $50 per year to $549, but anyone who starts a free trial before then locks in the current price forever. They will also get a free life-time upgrade to DK Pro which will cost several thousand dollars annually. Try DK now, and I'm confident it will prove to be one of the best financial decisions you ever make, because we can help you retire in safety and splendor.

Like all years, 2021 had lots of twists and turns and 2022 is sure to offer its fair share of surprises.

Surprises that will roil markets and create incredible opportunities for gains and losses. 

 (Source: Jill Mislinki)

(Source: Michael Batnick)

Do you know who's not worried about 2022? Dividend Kings members and here's why. 

Section 1: What To Expect From The Pandemic (1:43)

Section 2: What To Expect From The Economy (11:29)

Section 3: What To Expect From Inflation (16:08)

Section 4: What To Expect From Interest Rates (19:42)

Section 5: What To Expect From Corporate Profits (21:43)

Section 6: What To Expect From The Stock Market (25:08)

Section 7: What You Should Expect From Your Portfolio (28:31)

Here's a free sample of the kind of special reports that Dividend Kings members get each week to help them navigate any and all market and economic conditions. 

Want to know what analysts think the market will do in any given year? We have a tool for that. 

12-Month Forward S&P Bottom-Up Consensus 5225 Forward PE Forecast (12 Months From Now)

Forward Overvaluation Forecast (12 Months From Now)

12-Month Consensus Market Return Potential 9.1% 21.12 25.7%
12-Month Historical Margin-of-Error Consensus Market Return Potential 7.5% Historical Margin Of Error 1.60%

(Source: DK S&P 500 Valuation And Total Return Tool)

Analysts expect a modest 9% gain which historically means about a 7.5% gain is historically more likely. 

Want to know how you can crush the market in 2022? While there are no guarantees on Wall Street, buying deeply undervalued quality companies that are coiled springs is a great way to stack the odds in your favor. 

Here's a free sample of one of our latest recommendations, Chegg (CHGG), which I've personally bought $10,000 worth of because every DK Daily Blue-Chip Deal rec is a real money recommendation. 

Section 1: Introduction (0:56)

Section 2: Safety And Quality Review For Chegg (6:42)

Section 3: Investment Thesis (8:55)

Section 4: Risk Profile: Why Chegg Isn't Right For Everyone (16:41)

Section 5: Market-Determined Fair Value (19:16)

Section 6: Consensus Total Return Potential (20:44)

Analyst Median 12-Month Price Target

Morningstar Fair Value Estimate

$49.00 (26.5X cash flow) $56.51 (Quant model, 30.6X cash flow)

Discount To Price Target (Not A Fair Value Estimate)

Discount To Fair Value

38.20% 46.42%

Upside To Price Target (Not Including Dividend)

Upside To Fair Value (Not Including Dividend)

61.82% 86.62%

(Source: DK Research Terminal, FactSet)

Analysts aren't just bullish on Chegg, they expect it to soar 62% in 2022. And guess what? 45% undervalued Chegg's fundamentals absolutely justify such a bullish consensus forecast. 

CHGG 2022 Consensus Total Return Potential

(Source: FAST Graphs, FactSet Research)

CHGG 2023 Consensus Total Return Potential

(Source: FAST Graphs, FactSet Research)

CHGG 2026 Consensus Total Return Potential

(Source: FAST Graphs, FactSet Research)

  • if CHGG grows as expected and returns to historical mid-range fair value
  • then 365% total returns or 36% CAGR by 2026
  • 18.3X more than the S&P 500 consensus

What if speculative hyper-growth startups aren't what you're looking for? 

It's always and forever a market of stocks, not a stock market, and something wonderful is always on sale whatever your goals:

  • maximum safe yield
  • maximum safety and quality 
  • maximum growth and total returns 
  • foreign dividend stocks
  • monthly dividend stocks
  • low volatility stocks
  • strong ESG stocks 
  • dividend aristocrats/kings/champions 

The DK 500 Master List includes the world's highest quality companies including:

  • All dividend champions

  • All dividend aristocrats

  • All dividend kings

  • All global aristocrats (such as BTI, ENB, and NVS)

  • All 13/13 Ultra Swans (as close to perfect quality as exists on Wall Street)

  • 44 of the world's best growth stocks (on its way to 50)

Every company in the Master List automatically updates its valuations on a 12-month forward basis every week. 

And every day I send out an email notification to members about which companies are new potentially good buys, reasonable buys, holds, and potential trim/sells. 

The Master List is what all our specialty watchlists run off and each watchlist can be sorted by 16 fundamentals. 

Master List Sorted By Highest 12-Month Total Return Consensus 

  • green = potentially good buy or better 
  • blue = potentially reasonable buy 
  • yellow = hold 
  • red = potential trim/sell 

For example, if you're interested in the companies with the most 12 month upside potential according to the FactSet analyst consensus, you can sort any of our watchlists by that metric or the entire Master List. 

And in just seconds find opportunities like this. 

Medifast (MED) 70% Consensus 2022 Total Return Potential 

(Source: FAST Graphs, FactSet Research)

For anyone comfortable with MED's speculative risk profile, this hyper-growth company could deliver 61% returns in 2022 merely growing as expected and returning to fair value. 

  • 2.5% OR LESS max risk cap recommendation 

What if you're looking for the safest blue-chips and mouth-watering yield, as well as market stomping return potential in 2022? 

British American Tobacco (BTI) 46% Consensus 2022 Total Return Potential

(Source: FAST Graphs, FactSet Research)

BTI is nearly 50% undervalued and analysts expect it will take several years for it to return to its historical 14X earnings. But the bottom line is that analyst forecasts for a 46% return in 2022 are 100% justified by fundamentals. 

What if you're not comfortable with tobacco blue-chips? 

Enterprise Products Partners (EPD) - Uses A K1 Tax Form 39% Consensus 2022 Total Return Potential

(Source: FAST Graphs, FactSet Research)

The highest quality midstream is a coiled spring that could soar up to 71% in 2022 merely from returning to fair value. 

Not interested in pipelines? 

How about Comcast (CMCSA), which recently fell into a 20% bear market that's not justified by its excellent fundamentals? 

Section 1: Introduction (02:46)

Section 2: Safety And Quality Review For Comcast (04:31)

Section 3: Investment Thesis (06:29)

Section 4: Risk Profile: Why Comcast Isn't Right For Everyone (14:07)

Section 5: Market-Determined Fair Value (17:40)

Section 6: Consensus Total Return Potential (19:14)

Comcast 29% Consensus 2022 Total Return Potential

(Source: FAST Graphs, FactSet Research)

Comcast's 29% return forecast is 100% justified by its fundamentals. 

These five stocks have an average 12-month consensus return potential of 50%, and those forecasts are 100% justified by fundamentals and valuations. 

What if you don't care about 12-month returns? Good for you, because over 12 months luck is 20X as powerful as fundamentals but over 10+ years fundamentals are 11X as powerful as luck.

Time Frame (Years)

Total Returns Explained By Fundamentals/Valuations

1 Day 0.02%
1 month 0.4%
3 month 1.25%
6 months 2.5%
1 5%
2 16%
3 25%
4 33%
5 41%
6 49%
7 57%
8 66%
9 74%
10 82%
11+ 90% to 91%

(Sources: DK S&P 500 Valuation And Total Return Potential Tool, JPMorgan, Bank of America, Princeton, RIA)

What if your goal is to simply be able to fund a comfortable retirement using the world's safest blue-chips? 

Section 1: Introduction (1:00)

Section 2: Safety And Quality Review For Unilever (3:48)

Section 3: Investment Thesis (5:56)

Section 4: Risk Profile: Why Unilever Isn't Right For Everyone (15:51)

Section 5: Market-Determined Fair Value (19:32)

Section 6: Consensus Total Return Potential (21:12)

Think you can't retire in safety and splendor owning companies like Unilever (UL)?

Median Retired Couple Hypothetical Retirement Portfolio

Portfolio Invested Yield Annual Income Inflation, Risk And Tax Adjusted Consensus Income Growth Annual Income Year 30
60/40 $555,086 1.9% $10,547 0.6% $12,750
Unilever + Hyper-Growth Blue-Chip $555,086 3.5% $19,428 9.98% $337,287
60/40 $388,560 1.9% $7,383 0.6% $8,925
Unilever + Hyper-Growth Blue-Chip $166,526 3.5% $5,828 9.98% $101,186
Annual Income Year 1 (30% UL/Hyper-Growth, 70% 60/40) $13,211 Annual Income Year 10 (30% UL/Hyper-Growth, 70% 60/40) $110,111
Extra Income In Year 1 $2,664 Extra Income In Year 30 $97,361
Extra Monthly Income In Year 1 $222 Extra Monthly Income In Year 10 $8,113

(Source: DK Research Terminal, FactSet)

Think again. The median retired couple can combine Unilever with a certain hyper-growth blue-chip and potentially enjoy nearly $2 million in safe and rapidly growing dividends. 

Total Inflation-Adjusted Dividend Income Over 30 Years ($555K Median Retirement Savings) Average Inflation-Adjusted Annual Retirement Income Average Monthly Inflation-Adjusted Annual Retirement Income Average Daily Inflation-Adjusted Annual Retirement Income
$1,849,837 $61,661 $5,138 $168.93

(Source: DK Research Terminal, FactSet)

Every day I'm not just offering DK members reasonable and actionable blue-chip investment ideas but showing them how to construct prudently risk-managed portfolios to help them achieve their financial goals. 

And this is just a taste for what we offer. 

  • Sebastian Wolf is our newest DK contributor, an expert in European blue-chips 
  • we continue to add new tools to help our members maximize their long-term wealth and income 

Take our automated investment decision tool for example. 

Investment Decision Score

(Source: DK Automated Investment Decision Tool)

Instantly find out how reasonable and prudent any potential investment idea is compared to the S&P 500. 

But wait, it gets better. You can now combine up to five companies and see how reasonable and prudent a basket of companies is. 

(Source: DK Automated Investment Decision Tool)

Our motto is safety and quality first, and prudent valuation, and sound risk management always. Our focus on risk is what sets us apart from most other Seeking Alpha marketplace services. 

The Dividend King's overall quality scores are based on a 228 point model that includes:

  • dividend safety

  • balance sheet strength

  • credit ratings

  • credit default swap medium-term bankruptcy risk data

  • short and long-term bankruptcy risk

  • accounting and corporate fraud risk

  • profitability and business model

  • growth consensus estimates

  • cost of capital

  • long-term risk-management scores from MSCI, Morningstar, FactSet, S&P, Reuters'/Refinitiv and Just Capital

  • management quality

  • dividend friendly corporate culture/income dependability

  • long-term total returns (a Ben Graham sign of quality)

  • analyst consensus long-term return potential

It actually includes over 1,000 metrics if you count everything factored in by 12 rating agencies we use to assess fundamental risk.

  • credit and risk management ratings make up 41% of the DK safety and quality model

  • dividend/balance sheet/risk ratings make up 82% of the DK safety and quality model

How do we know that our safety and quality model works well?

During the two worst recessions in 75 years, our safety model predicted 87% of blue-chip dividend cuts during the ultimate baptism by fire for any dividend safety model.

DK Zen Phoenix: Superior Fundamentals Lead To Superior Long-Term Results

Metric US Stocks

174 Real Money DK Phoenix Recs

Great Recession Dividend Growth -25% 0%
Pandemic Dividend Growth -1% 6%
Positive Total Returns Over The Last 10 Years 42%

99% (Greatest Investors In History 60% to 80% Over Time)

Lost Money/Went Bankrupt Over The Last 10 Years 47% 1%
Outperformed Market Over The Last Decade (358%) 36% 49%
Bankruptcies Over The Last 10 Years 11% 0%
Permanent 70+% Catastrophic Decline Since 1980 44% 0.6%
100+% Total Return Over The Past 10 Years NA 87%

(Sources: JPMorgan, Morningstar, Seeking Alpha)

Basically, historical market data confirms that the DK safety and quality model is one of the most comprehensive and accurate in the world.

This is why I entrust 100% of my life savings to this model and the DK Phoenix blue-chip strategy.

And you can track my entire $2.3 million retirement portfolio weekly in our real money Phoenix portfolio tool.

These tools and our methodical approach to disciplined financial science are the reason DK analysts are some of the best in the world. 

(Source: Tipranks) 

Including dividends, my average recommendation has delivered nearly 15% total returns in just the first year. 

  • 60% to 80% is the long-term success rate of the greatest investors in history 

(Source: Tipranks)

Including dividends, Brad Thomas's average recommendation has delivered almost 16% total returns in the first year. 

(Source: Tipranks)

Including dividends, Nick Ward's average recommendation is up nearly 17% in the first year. 

(Source: Tipranks)

Including dividends, Sebastian Wolf's average recommendation is up nearly 23% in the first year. 

(Source: Tipranks)

And while Justin Law doesn't make many recommendations, thus far the ones he's made have all been rockstars. 

The point is that Dividend Kings is not just one very hard-working analyst (myself) its a team of world-class fundamentals-driven and risk-focused analysts who consistently deliver exceptional long-term investing results. 

Just take a look at how our portfolios have done since we started. 

(Source: Sharesight)

(Source: Sharesight)

(Source: Sharesight)

(Source: Sharesight)

(Source: Sharesight)

And it's not just DK portfolios doing well.

Take a look at what Brad Thomas at iREIT (our sister service that DK members get a 50% discount too) and Nick Ward at Intelligent Dividend Investor, have accomplished. 

(Source: Sharesight)

With small-cap REITs, Brad Thomas is delivering Buffett-like returns that are crushing the REIT sector.

(Source: Sharesight)

In one of the hottest tech bull markets in US history, Brad Thomas, using blue-chip REITs, has beaten the Nasdaq for the last seven years. 

(Source: Sharesight)

Nick Ward has been doubling the returns of the dividend aristocrats with a pure blue-chip strategy. 

This isn't magic, it isn't luck, it's disciplined financial science at work.

And combined with our steadily growing team (23 people and counting including tech support and customer service) it's no surprise why DK members are so passionate about our service.

In fact, according to our latest customer survey, 85% of them call our annual $499 price a "good to great deal". 

Exciting Improvements Coming To Dividend Kings In 2022 And Beyond 

We just added a new risk rating to our Research Terminal per member request to help investors make better-informed decisions consistent with their individual risk profiles.  

We're in discussions with another world-class analyst whose dedication to safety and quality first, and reasonable valuations and prudent risk-management always has helped him deliver results like these. 

(Source: Tipranks)

We're working on a new tool that will potentially allow any member who opts in to get automatic email updates anytime the fundamentals for the companies they care about, including valuation ratings, change. 

And this is just what we're planning for 2022! 

Our long-term mission to build Dividend Kings Pro is going to take years, and a small fortune. 

That's why we're raising our price on March 1st, 2022, by $50 to $549 per year. 

But if you start your free trial before March 1st, you lock in the current price forever, as long as you remain a member. 

  • DK loyalty bonus: your price never goes up, ever

But wait, there's more! DK members will get a free lifetime upgrade to DK Pro, which will cost thousands of dollars annually when it launches in a few years. 

  • DK Pro: an automated Bloomberg terminal for dividend blue-chips designed for registered investment advisors and professional fund managers 

If you're tired of praying for luck on Wall Street, it's time to start making your luck. 

Try out Dividend Kings now, before our price goes up, and I'm confident it will prove one of the best financial decisions you ever make. 

Not just in 2022, but far beyond, because we can help you to retire rich, and stay rich in retirement. 

Dividend Kings helps you determine the best safe dividend stocks to buy via our Automated Investment Decision Tool, Research Terminal, Phoenix Watchlist, Company Screener, and Daily Blue-Chip Deal Videos.

Membership also includes:

  • Access to our five model portfolios

  • Daily Phoenix Portfolio Buys

  • Dozens of exclusive articles per month

  • 50% discount to iREIT and Safe High-Yield

  • Real-time chatroom support

  • Exclusive daily updates to all my retirement portfolio trades

  • Numerous valuable investing tools

Click here for a two-week free trial so we can help you achieve better long-term total returns and your financial dreams.

Analyst's Disclosure: I/we have a beneficial long position in the shares of CHGG, UL, BTI, EPD, CMCSA either through stock ownership, options, or other derivatives.

Dividend Kings owns CHGG, UL, BTI, EPD, and CMCSA in our portfolios.

Seeking Alpha's Disclosure: Past performance is no guarantee of future results. No recommendation or advice is being given as to whether any investment is suitable for a particular investor. Any views or opinions expressed above may not reflect those of Seeking Alpha as a whole. Seeking Alpha is not a licensed securities dealer, broker or US investment adviser or investment bank. Our analysts are third party authors that include both professional investors and individual investors who may not be licensed or certified by any institute or regulatory body.

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