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A Hearty Recommendation: Cody Willard

I have enjoyed this wild ride that the Vringo vs. Google trial has taken us on. While some of you probably wouldn't use the word "enjoy," I think we'd all agree that it has been a fascinating investing/betting experience. I hope that at the very least my daily trial updates are helping to decrease your anxiety level about this crazy trail. More knowledge equals less anxiety, in my view.

That having been said, I also realize that most of us will go our separate ways once the trial is completed, regardless of the trial outcome, and we will all move on to the "next big thing" on our investing horizon.

I would like to recommend and suggest that those of you who are interested in investing consider visiting Cody Willard's site,, for a free month's trial subscription.

Some of you may know Cody, others may not. Cody writes a column on called "The Cody Word". I first ran into Cody based on my investments in AAPL and DDD. As I was researching these stocks, I found that my searches frequently turned up articles written by Cody commenting on AAPL, DDD, and other (primarily but not exclusively) tech stocks.

I enjoyed reading Cody's columns and articles very much, because as much as anything else, Cody writes about teachable investing concepts that (1) make sense to me; and (2) significantly changed my outlook on active investing. More recently, Cody published a book on "Everything You Need to Know About Investing," which I purchased, and have read several times since.

But I digress. Once the Vringo trial is over, what will we do next with our investing direction? I for one will continue along the track I was following before Vringo came onto my radar screen, which includes following Cody's website and interacting with him there.

Here's what I find valuable about

  • Cody posts daily (sometimes several times daily) on stocks and related news of interest;
  • Cody posts his personal daily trades in real-time, along with his reasoning for each trade;
  • There is a weekly live chat with Cody where members bounce questions and observations off him in real-time.
  • Cody has a number of investing books available for download on his site, which provide a very interesting and thought provoking read.

I would like to leave you with an example of a set of recent Cody trades that he posted in real-time, and which I followed, that worked out exceptionally well.

A123 Systems (AONE)

2/28/2011: Cody published an article on his website about an energy company called A123 System (AONE), opining that AONE's business model was fundamentally unsound, and it was destined for collapse. At that time, AONE was trading at well over $10 per share (I think it was more like about $16.00+ per share), and Cody was recommending shorting this stock. That day, Cody wrote, "I'm not sure I'd put an outright $0 target on this one, but unless the company finds some serious funds for cheap in a hurry, I wouldn't cover it."

Fast forward to this month, October, 2012.

10/16/2012: AONE finally files for bankruptcy protection. After the announcement, Cody posted that he is now purchasing AONE shares, not despite, but actually because of, the bankruptcy filing. AONE stock had just fallen about 75% in the last day, to 6 cents per share. Cody's thesis was "I'm going to buy a tiny bit of this stock for a Bankruptcy Trade and I plan to hold it for the next week or so and then sell it and never look back at trading it again. It's a trade. Period. AONE's stock will eventually probably be completely worthless as I've said for years now." Cody's thesis was that companies that file bankruptcy frequently receive a nice pop a few days later as traders cover their shorts, and there is often a short term trading opportunity there. Cody also gave the following heads up warning on the stock, "Do not put much money in this trade. It's very high risk and short-term oriented and the Bankruptcy Trades don't always work out."

10/16/2012: I invest in AONE, at .0615 per share. (I invested a sum in the four figures, which I would not feel too much angst about losing, given its speculative nature).

10/19/2012: Cody posts and sends an email alert that AONE has popped to about 12 cents per share. He states that he is selling ½ his position to lock in profits, and letting the remaining ½ ride.

10/22/2012: AONE pops again to about 19 cents per share, and Cody posts and sends an email alert that he is closing out his position, locking in more profits. All told, AONE has almost quadrupled in 6 days. Cody investors (including me) were in and out of this position in a few days, with a nice profit, and a nice story to tell.

AONE is a trade I would not have known about or considered, but for Cody. From him, I learned of the trade opportunity, the rationale for it, the risk involved, and the likely timeframe for the trade. While these types of trades do not come about every day, the rest of the days on Cody's sites are generally filled with information about long term investments, and shorter term trades incorporating common stock and use of calls.

No one service is good for everybody. But I have gotten way more value from Cody's site than I have paid in. If you go to a restaurant and have a great experience, you would feel good about recommending that restaurant to others. In the same way, my experience with Cody has been personalized and profitable, so I feel good about recommending it to you.

If you let him know that I referred you, he will give you a free month's subscription, so you can try it on and see if it fits. If you like it and continue, I'll also get a free month added to my existing subscription. Full disclosure, there is nothing more in it for me that that, as I am a monthly paying subscriber of Cody's site. There is no obligation to continue after your free month, but my guess is that many of you will agree with me that it is a great value for your hard earned money. Finally, one last benefit for me is that I will get the chance to continue chatting with you on Cody's message board, without the added headache of some of the nutty folk who post vile messages on Yahoo (yes, you know who the ones!).

Let me know how this works out for you. I am genuinely interested in your feedback.