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Vringo Vs. Google: Down To Two Witnesses

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Today's trial day ended with Google's damages expert, Dr. Ugone on the stand. I'm told that at the end of the day, the attorneys discussed their remaining witnesses with the Judge. It seems that on Monday, they will finish the Direct and Cross-Exam of Ugone, and then Google will rest its case. Vringo will then call Jaime Carbonell to testify, and he should be the last witness in the case.

My guess is that Judge Jackson will call it a day at the end of Carbonell's testimony and give the attorneys overnight to prepare their closing arguments. Tuesday would then be closing arguments, followed by the Judge's reading of the jury instructions, and then the jury will go into deliberations.

Some potential fireworks in the instructions will be what if anything Judge Jackson chooses to instruct the jury about (1) disregarding the Disney agreements, i.e., will he instruct them that the testimony is being stricken because Google failed to provide a witness to show comparability; and (2) whether Google failed to provide discovery that was requested during pretrial proceeings, since their attorney opened the door to that instruction by crossing Becker on the damage issues (and essentially criticizing him for not having more Google docs to rely upon in his calculations).

Of course, all this is subject to change depending on the whim of Mother Nature. Barring a storm delay, however, it seems quite certain that the jury will begin deliberations on Tuesday of next week

Disclosure: I am long VRNG.