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AKAO And Its Stock Price Surge!

|Includes: Achaogen (AKAO)

AKAO is the stock name for Achaogen, which is a Biotech Company that focuses on antibacterial drug development. Between the 9th and the 15th of December 2016, there was a huge increase in this healthcare stock. The prices ranged from $10 to $19 per share, compared to the normal $5 to $10.

Why Did They Do So Well On the Stock Market?

When the opening bells sounded on December 9th, it was clear that investors had a reason to start buying and trading AKAO stocks. The reason was that late on December 8th, 2016, the Biotech Company had released the news that they were moving into the Phase 3 clinical trial for one of their new healthcare products. This new spread quickly to investors, and they quickly bought stocks in AKAO, which caused the price to rise, and even more investors to start buying the stock.

The news that was released noted the new Biotech product, which was being developed, was a treatment for cUTI. They also provided information about the improvement in their results for this healthcare treatment. Achaogen also did testing that met all 4 primary trial endpoints for both the EMA and the FDA. This information could have also pushed investors to buy stocks each day the stock market was open, as the information spread and the price surge continued to take place.

Will the Price Surge Happen Again?

After the 15th of December, the AKAO stock leveled out since the stock market calmed down because there were no major news stories about the company. The question now is will this happen again. It is highly likely that we are going to see another price surge in the AKAO stock in the near future. Since the Biotech Company is looking to have their healthcare treatments approved in the United States and Europe, there could be another major price surge soon.

What Should You Be Watching For?

If you are looking to invest in the Biotech stock market, you should be keeping an eye on healthcare news. This is where you are going to see the breaking news about the approval of companies like Achaogen and the health care products that they are working on.

When there is big news, once the opening bell sounds, you will have a clear idea if investors are jumping on the stocks again. The faster that you can buy the stocks, the better that you will do overall with your investment. There is no way to say exactly when we are going to see the price surge again, but we can estimate that the next price surge will definitely be larger than the last one.

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