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ZoomerMedia Must Go To 0,50$ A Share.


Management did a very poor job.

The asset are poorly manage.

Small shareholder are being ripping off.

Mr. Znaimer does not fulfill is role as director and officer.

Mr. Znaimer think that TSX-V:ZUM  are only there for him. He is been increasing is salary from 1 000 000 $ to 1 300 000$ this year only. Shareholders have probably not problem with that if some money was made from the stock price but the reality is far from that. In our view, the management are in breach with is duty of care : 

  • act honestly at all times, in good faith and in the best interests of the corporation, as opposed to their own personal interests .(1)

Also, some shareholder have bought the stock at 3,35 $ and the stock have being near 0$ most the time. How this guys been able to stay in is office and not be able to growth the stock price ?

Also you can compare S&P 500 and ZUM since is creation even if the indice is far less riskier. The investors will see that ZUM made a very bad job the create value as the S&P get a result of 259,49 % and ZUM is at -96,13 %. (2)

We ask to Mr. Znaimer and the management to create real value for the minority shareholder . 

More to come about ZUM.... is time to speak up...not more plutocracy.

Disclosure: I am/we are long ZUMRF.

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