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Is this the real one or just another head fake.

    I have been waiting for a pull back for what seems to be a least a month now. I have talked about a catalyst to get it started, it seems to me that we may have it, after China's news on tariffs regarding the US. It will be interesting to see what happens at the open today. I believe this is the beginning of a selloff of about 10%. You must however stay discipline if you short this market.

1. Make sure you have stop losses on all your trades if you leave your computer. 8-10%

2. Don't get greedy if this thing runs. Greed is the biggest single thing that forces people out of this business.

3. Watch the news because the bulls want this thing to keep running and they'll use any ok news to try to get the market trading up again.

Good luck trading

Watch the S&P levels if we break through 1015 this week we could get a substantial pullback, may to 850-900 if we do get ready to become a bull after, I know I will.