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6 Marketplace Services To Close Out March

|Includes: Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)

6 authors joined the Marketplace over the last week and a half of March.

We have an expert call service and our first service focused on the lithium space.

We also have a new oil-oriented product, a new idea generation service, and a high-end income service.

Lastly, our first single-ticker focused service launches for investors interested in Tesla.

6 new authors have joined the Marketplace over the last two weeks, bringing us to 93 authors on the platform as of March 31st. Without further ado, we'd like to share a little bit about them with you:

Retail Megaphone Service

About the Author: Faloh Investment has been on Seeking Alpha since 2015, with a sector and market-cap agnostic approach to finding new ideas.

# of followers: 812

About the service: Picks inspired by Warren Buffet of the 50's: Mispriced Securities For Short-Term Gain

  • First alert updates on major stock mispricings
  • Authored by man with multiple high-return trades in <6 Months under his belt
  • Investment opportunities for growing wealth
  • Short-term earnings plays based on business fundamentals and regime change-ups
  • Analysis on businesses overlooked by the mainstream
  • Step-by-step approach for each trade
  • Real-time commentary in the Retail Megaphone community

Cost: $600/year or $75/month

Date service was launched: March 22nd, 2017


The Wheel of FORTUNE

About the Author: The Fortune Teller is an investor with circa 30 years of professional, managerial and financial experience, gathered through both private-individual activities as well as asset management type of roles.

The author is involved in running a leveraged fixed-income, absolute return, hedge fund that aims at providing its investors with double-digit returns, per annum. The fund runs a fast, frequent and furious trading strategy and it focuses on the very short term. Definitely not a Buy & Hold!

# of followers: 5176

About the service: Fixed-Income Global Absolute Return Opportunities ("FIGARO") through a macro, top-down, approach

Cost: $1000/year or $100/month

Date service was launched: March 22nd, 2017


Become the Smart Money

About the Author: Slingshot Insights is the first crowdfunded expert network and due diligence community. Members use SI's suite of tools to cut through the noise and Become the Smart Money. Slingshot Insights provide you affordable access to Experts and Management Teams so that you can make informed investment decisions.  By grouping investors around project ideas they care about, the team passes along significant savings without compromising on quality.

# of followers: 397

About the service: Interviews with Subject Matter Experts on key healthcare events.

  • Unprecedented access to interviews with Subject Matter Experts & Key Opinion Leaders in Healthcare/Biotech
  • Access interviews conducted by professional portfolio managers giving you front row seats to Wall Street
  • But why ask "some expert"?
  • Valued: Professional Investors spend more than $600mm annually on Expert Interviews
  • Unbiased: Expert information lets you decide vs. accepting what Management, "Stock Pickers" & Twitter" say
  • Confidence: Develop rational conviction and deep understanding beyond the headlines & noise
  • Debate: Forum to debate experts' views, related stocks, and identify mispriced Healthcare stocks

Cost: $675/year or $75/month

Date service was launched: March 23rd, 2017


Trend Investing

About the Author: Matt Bohlsen holds a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment (similar to CFA), and a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning.

The author has 30 years of personal investing experience, and 17 years of professional financial advising experience, including trading experience at ETrade Australia, 6 years as a Senior Financial Planner at Commonwealth Bank of Australia and 10 years at High Net Worth Financial Advising. As a global investor Bohlsen uses a macro thematic approach searching for good value and/or high growth. He searches the globe for great investments with a focus on Asia, Emerging and Frontier Markets as well as "trend investing". Bohlsen assesses a countries demographics and growth potential. Some trends he currently follows include the rising Asian middle class, electric vehicles and the lithium/cobalt/graphite/nickel/copper miners, renewable energy, energy storage, smartphones, 3D printing, and personal robots.

# of followers: 2347

About the service: Individual stock articles to capture new trends - EVs, energy storage, lithium, cobalt, internet, social media, disruptive technologies.

  • 3-5 top class stock buy or sell ideas per month with in depth analysis.
  • Analysis covers valuation, timing, catalysts, and price targets.
  • Exclusive access to my individual stock analysis, to benefit from my strong track record.
  • Full access to all archived articles.
  • Trend analysis discussing electric vehicles, energy storage, lithium, cobalt, graphite, nickel and copper mining.
  • Access to my supply and demand models for the lithium and cobalt miners.
  • Access to sell articles where a stock becomes a sell.

Cost: $480/year or $60/month

Date service was launched: March 24th, 2017


Boslego Risk Services

About the Author: Robert Boslego founded Boslego Risk Services and became a recognized expert in the area of energy price risk management (hedging), providing oil and natural gas hedging strategies to major oil companies such as Exxon, Shell, Mobil, Chevron, Texaco and Phillips; to the national oil companies of Norway, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, France and Italy; to major users of energy products, such as Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Burlington-Northern Railroad, and Canadian Pacific Railway; to major trading firms, such as Enron, Phibro, Sempra and Vitol; and to large hedge funds (confidential).

# of followers: 3335

About the service: Concise, timely analysis and skillful projections for oil and gas traders and investors.

This service includes the following research reports updated daily throughout the week:

  • U.S. and global supply/demand projections and implications.
  • Natural gas weather and storage outlook and implications.
  • Analysis and implications of weekly commitments of traders. 
  • Analysis and implications of OPEC data, press releases and statements. 
  • Analysis and implications of key Energy Department data.
  • Interpretation of related news events.
  • Interaction with the author.

This is a daily service. I will publish a schedule as it is finalized, but there will be ad hoc reports, so check back. I also am open to requests for comments on a topic, but I cannot provide individualized investment advice due to SEC restrictions.

Cost: $750/year or $75/month

Date service was launched: March 27th, 2017


Tesla Forum

About the Author: ValueAnalyst has been writing on Seeking Alpha since 2016, and while he has had a broad focus, he has become one of the more prominent bullish voices on Tesla (TSLA).

# of followers: 829

About the service: Join others in an ongoing valuation discussion through the lens of a ValueAnalyst

  • Continuous valuation analysis and detailed support for each modeling assumption
  • Sustainability analysis of various competitive advantages
  • Reporting on emerging threats identified via interviews and trade shows
  • Periodic update of "margin of safety" calculation
  • Timely analysis of news and how they affect company valuation
  • Translation of major regulatory filings to valuation
  • Identification and continuous monitoring of company-specific risk

Cost: $280/year or $35/month

Free trial available?: Yes

Date service was launched: March 28th, 2017


Best of luck to our new authors! If you are a reader interested in one (or more) of these authors' work, we encourage you to check out their publicly available articles and to consider their service.

We have some exciting services in the pipeline for April, so stay tuned.