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Top Authors For January


January is a time for resolutions, reflection, and preparing for the year ahead.

It also tends to be a time where a lot of people are looking for investment insights.

Several authors made big moves up the leaderboard as a result of this tailwind and their own efforts.

We didn't realize how seasonal investment subscriptions businesses would be. But it works the same every year. December is a big spending month for the holiday season, and sales and promotions tend to support Marketplace sales. And then in January, everyone is looking to shepherd their money more wisely, so growth tends to be high on Marketplace. Throw in everyone making their New Year's resolutions and we look forward to seeing results in January.

Related imageFortunately, many investors are more open to adjustments than Calvin.

Several authors made big moves in January as a result of both this tailwind and their own efforts. Here we have the list of the top 20 authors in terms of net added monthly recurring revenue for the month of January. We also added a column to show how many spots the author moved on the overall leaderboard, which is for total revenue. Without further ado:

Place Name of Service Number of spots changed on leaderboard
1 The Wheel of FORTUNE by The Fortune Teller 3
2 The Savvy Investor by Fear & Greed Trader NA (ranked 42 as of Feb 1)
3 Trend Investing by Matt Bohlsen 1
4 Value Investor's Edge by J Mintzmyer 0
5 High Dividend Opportunities by Rida Morwa 0
6 HFI Research by HFIR 1
7 The Gold Bull Portfolio by Gold Mining Bull 4
8 Option Opportunities by Philip Davis 2
9 Panick High Yield Report by Richard Lejeune 0
10 The Gold Edge by SomaBull 2
11 Value & Momentum Breakouts by JD Henning 23
12 HFI Research Natural Gas by HFIR Energy 3
13 Hidden Dividend Stocks Plus by Double Dividend Stocks NA (ranked 66 as of Feb 1)
14 Integrated BioSci Investing by BioSci Capital Partners 11
15 The Insiders Forum by The Insiders Forum 1
16 Momentum Play by jsIRA 9
17 Sustainable Dividends by BDC Buzz -2
18 The Total Pharma Tracker by Avisol Capital Partners 3
19 Second-Level Investing by Jérôme Verony 4
20 Cambridge Income Laboratory by Stanford Chemist 1

The Fortune Teller's holiday promo played out over the first half of January and drove their service into the $100K annual recurring revenue group and #13 on our overall leaderboards. J Mintzmyer and Richard Lejeune stand out as two authors who used effective promotions in early January to grow their services, even if they didn't climb the revenue leaderboard (keep in mind the competition is fierce near the top!). Improved marketing copy seems to have helped boost Philip Davis. And JD Henning rode an improved content strategy and strong performance in his core portfolios to make a big jump on the leaderboard.

We're really excited with the performance across the board last month and into February. We can already say that some new names should hit the top 20 next month, and we're looking forward to sharing them. In the meantime, congrats to our authors, and wishing everyone success at staying on top of things in a suddenly bumpy 2018!