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How To Trade Bond Market


3% Yield.

The Key level of  145.06.

Bond bulls pushed ZBU higher the latter part of last week – but still, have the 3% yield and the formidable pivot price of 144.25 to contend with. Furthermore, I informed my clients in yesterday’s newsletter that the real road to higher prices is triggered at 145.06. Strength there will target 146.14 – but it’s likely going to be a very grinding, difficult trade.

5YR-note bulls (ZFU) have accomplished more – but still, need to deal with 113.26. If the trade gets through 26 look for an initial target of 113.31 – and then try to squeeze some. 114.06 is a significant level – and it will be a target on follow-thru strength. ZF bears need to get prices back below 113.19 AND 113.125 to regain control of the market.

I know this is short – and I’ve not shared anything for the 10YR-note and ES traders reading – but now I’ve forced myself to use Twitter thru the trading week. It’s been suggested to me time and time again to embrace social media – (I also have a Trade Bond Futures Facebook page) but I just get so caught up in the trading room and my clients that I end up not using it.

That’ll change tomorrow.

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