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Manufacturing is key to recovery.

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           Manufacturing should stop being viewed as global competition. Instead, it should be viewed as global sharing.

Every country should have 2 specific lists. One for manufactured at home consumer goods and one for imported consumer goods.
These 2 lists should contain different products so those made at home NEVER compete with the imported goods for sales.

Every country could have different ideas about what to make at home and what to import.

Since every country would be manufacturing goods, there are plenty of goods available to export to other countries who want to have those specific goods imported.

Decent paying manufacturing jobs would be quickly available worldwide, imports and exports would increase worldwide.

More expensive green technology could be used to build manufacturing plants as the consumer goods produced will NEVER compete with imports for sales until they are exported.

The competition we see today for who can manufacture the cheapest product would evaporate.
Instead, the newly employed consumer may want to look for the best quality product to purchase.

All this takes is a change in policy to achieve.

This is a simple solution that doesn't send us and future generations further into debt.

This can quickly solve the unemployment problem and soon thereafter, the housing crisis and credit crunch.

We have a wonderful global manufacturing machine at our fingertips.
So far, we have only used some of the parts (i.e. countries) and now we are wondering why the machine won’t run.
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