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Top 5 Charts Of The Week

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Global PMIs, US dollar signals, housing market fuel, DM shadow rates, global equity valuations.

The "Top 5 Charts Of The Week" report is our entry-level service. It's a great way to sample what we're doing with the institutional research offering while gaining a solid flow of ideas and insights.

Each week we bring you a selection of 5 charts across macro, market risks, and emerging opportunities across asset classes. We also add clarity in insight by providing commentary around why the chart matters and the key takeaway. See a sample.

The following charts and topics were featured in the latest report:

1. US vs Global Ex-US manufacturing PMIs: US has caught down to the rest of the world, and there's a few things to note about this.

2. US dollar breadth - a rare bearish signal: This unusual breadth indicator for the US dollar is lighting up with a major bearish signal.

3. US Housing Market Fuel Indicator: You might have missed it, but a major tailwind for the US housing market has emerged.

4. DM shadow rates - already lower: Shadow central bank interest rates have come down a lot across DM, this is often bullish for equities.

5. Global Equity Valuations: This chart shows the valuation trends across the major chunks of global equities on a PE10 basis.

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