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They said that I was out of fasion just because the game wow

So many players have bought wow gold though their parents forbid them doing that. I have many friends playing wow and they buy wow gold online. They say it is a fashion and fast in this way. But I don’t like to spend to much money buying it.
There are many scammers. They stole others gold and sold to others. Although we know that we still buy wow gold at a risk.
In your opinion what is the best way to coordinate your life and wow?
My friends told me that, don’t trust the companies online and he gave me a list. he said this is a new company. I took a look at it and found the price there is reasonable but need some more space to promote. this website looks nice but my friend didn’t like it. We quarreled about this many times. He said that I didn’t know what was art. OMG!  we both didn’t like this site cuz the service there is poor. it seems to be a larger company but the service there is poor too. (is he really hard to satisfied?) this is a really large company and the service seems to be nice but there are many Criticisms of it.
We are used to buy things online and we know there is some risk to do so. But we still want to do it just because we are lazy. Hoho!
Oh by the way, there is a site called markee dragon. There are so many players trading wow gold there. I have an account there too. Service there is really legal and warm. I have many friends there now.
Oh, I am leaving now. See you next time.