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Are We Heading Towards A War?


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•After seeing the current situation in Arunachal Pradesh standoff between India and China is looking quite serious. China is looking very much stiff on his stand and several reports in Chinese media is suggesting some threatening dialogues to India. China has also increased it’s presence in Indian ocean and if we look back making ports near Bangladesh, Sri lanka and Pakistan can be seen as china’s diplomacy which is a serious cause of concern for India. Although Indian navy is taking a close look at it and announced that it is a routine from china.
•On the another hand Pakistan stand on Kashmir and it’s impact on Kashmir situation is not hidden from any one. On every day a rift between militants and Indian army can be viewed on every news channel. Further cross border terrorism and ceasefire violation is a news which almost all Indians has predigested and now it doesn’t creates much of an impact on many of us.
•Narendra Modi diplomacy can be a genuine reason behind the standoff of China and Pakistan is also very much backed up by China which is creating pressure on India from both side.
•If we will analyze the scenario of US it is trying to maintain a healthy relationship with India and other countries but North Korea is behaving like a wild child who don’t want to hear anything and is continuing to behave in the manner in which he want. So for US North Korea is the first priority whom should be taught a lesson first.
•A rift between Gulf and Qatar has now been continued since a month and it is not looking to be over in coming future.
•So all around in the world there is a tension which is prevailing which is not good for any of the country in the world. If the situation will be continued then a war between any of these countries can happen but we should hope for the best.
•Impact on market: If anything like this will happen then it may happen that a premature bubble will be brusted and it will again create a buying opportunity for long term buyers.

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