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RedChip Earns Top References in the Industry

RedChip References and Testimonials

“It has been a pleasure working with RedChip over the last five months. They are systematic, professional but also aggressive in their approach to Investor Relations. Our average daily volume has increased ten-fold and our stock price is up 100% since we hired RedChip. Their platform for small-cap NASDAQ companies may well be the best in the business. I strongly and gladly recommend them.”
Najeeb Ghauri Chairman & CE0, NetSol Technologies, Inc.(NasdaqCM: NTWK)

“RedChip is a well respected investor relations firm that has done a tremendous job for RXi. In particular, their unique new media approach was able to spark interest with investors, both retail and institutional, we would not have otherwise reached. Overall they are a wonderful small-cap investor relations firm that offers professional, systematic and aggressive investor targeting.”
Donna Falcetti, MBA, Director of Operations, RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp.(NasdaqCM: RXII)

“It is a pleasure working with the RedChip team. Their people are professional, hard-working, responsive and innovative. The quality of their research is among the best we have seen and their readership is substantial. It is a very beneficial relationship for WPCS. We strongly recommend RedChip.”
Andy Hidalgo, CEO of WPCS International Incorporated (NasdaqGM: WPCS)

“I am glad I was introduced to RedChip. They are a very powerful investor relations firm. They have done excellent work for us. Their platform for small-cap China companies is very effective. I recommend them highly.”
Jimmy Wang, CEO of Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA, Inc. (OTCBB : WEMU)

“RedChip came highly recommended. We had used two other IR firms before RedChip. I can tell you that we will be with RedChip for a long time. With their aggressive and systematic reach to institutional and retail investors, the volume in our stock has increased substantially and the price has increased by 200% in 4 months. We have now been approved for an AMEX listing due in no small part to RedChip.”
Mr. Shunqing Zhang, CEO of China Gengsheng Minerals, Inc. (OTCBB: CHGS)

“When no one could get the job done, RedChip got it done. Their research report combined with their powerful platform of radio, road shows, conferences, retail and institutional outbound marketing, podcasts and blogs has resulted in our stock being up over 100% in four short months. RedChip is a tremendous asset to the LLEN team. We have now qualified for a NASDAQ listing. Great work RedChip”
Dickson Lee, CEO of L & L Energy, Inc. (Nasdaq:GM: LLEN)

“The team at RedChip has been professional and great to work with and have helped us expand our retail investor exposure. The Research Report produced by RedChip was extensive and provided a thorough background on our business and key investment drivers for our sector. Since launching with RedChip, we’ve seen our trading volume and our market cap increase and believe that the expanded investor exposure through Redchip has contributed toward NovaGold being one of the top performers in our sector for that period.”
Greg Johnson, VP of Strategic Development, NovaGold Resources, Inc. (NYSE:AMEX: NG)

“RedChip was referred to us by another U.S.-listed China company whose stock tripled under the RedChip platform. RedChip has a tremendous platform. They have introduced us to the top small-cap funds and retail brokers in the U.S. Our decision to hire RedChip was a very good one. They have a very powerful platform, which includes retail and institutional support, conferences, radio, research and road shows. I strongly recommend RedChip!”
Cai Yongjun, Chairman & CEO of Longwei Petroleum Investment Holding Ltd. (NYSE Amex: LPH)

“I would like to thank you for inviting DRI Corporation (NASDAQ: TBUS) to present at the RedChip New York Equities Conference on Oct. 1, 2009. In my opinion, the conference was a success. It was very well attended, and I believe our breakout session group was the largest we’ve ever had…period! We plan to factor RedChip events into our FY2010 investor relations conference schedule. Please send us a calendar of events and fee schedule as soon as such becomes available. Thanks again for including us! Best Regards,”
David L. Turney, President, and CEO DRI Corporation (NASDAQ: TBUS)

“RedChip delivered more than they promised for my client with very strong results. Based on my 30 years of Wall Street experience, I believe RedChip is without a doubt the top IR firm in the country for smaller and mid-cap companies. I have found that Dave Gentry, who leads RedChip, operates with the integrity and with market clout. He is a tireless supporter, visionary, and innovative thinker for the companies he represents. I strongly recommend Dave and his team to any company looking for superior guidance and excellent results.”
John Welch, VP of Rothchild Investment Corporation

“I appreciate the hard work of Dave Gentry and RedChip Companies. They came highly recommended, and I am glad I hired them. Not only has the liquidity increased in our stock, but the stock is up over 50% since I hired them only 90 days ago. Their conference in San Francisco was absolutely fantastic with top-tier small-cap healthcare funds and qualified retail brokers.”
Noel Guillama, CEO of The Quantum Group, Inc. (NYSE Amex: QGP)

“RedChip has worked very hard and systematically for ZAGG. Their platform is the most unique and comprehensive of any we have used. I recommend them for any small-cap company that needs to build their shareholder base and reach thousands of new investors.”
Robert G. Pedersen II, CEO of ZAGG Inc. (NasdaqGM: ZAGG)

“We partnered with RedChip six months ago and since then our stock price has appreciated over 350% and our average daily volume increased from 250 thousand shares per day to between two and five million shares per day. They have introduce us (and continue to do so) to their network of institutions, hedge funds, and retail brokers. In addition, we are impressed with RedChip’s dedication and commitment to building long-term interest in our company and with their professionalism. We presented in 2007 at RedChip’s investor conference in Scottsdale and again this year [2008] in San Francisco, and both events had a solid showing of professional investors. We look forward to presenting again at their next conference in New York in August. Needless to say, I would highly recommend RedChip to any growing company wanting to gain visibility.”
Dale L. Rasmussen, Chairman – Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc. (NasdaqGM: QTWW)

“RedChip opened the doors to some of the best micro-cap funds in the business and introduced us to their large base of retail brokers. We make it a habit to present at their conferences, which are well-attended and executed flawlessly. Their research product is excellent, and it gets read by the right people. I strongly recommend this organization.”
David McCarthy, Founder – Zanett, Inc. (NasdaqCM: ZANE)

“I have been presenting at RedChip conferences for years and have always found them of great value. The Hollywood conference was teaming with small-cap fund managers, retail stock brokers and individual investors. RedChip is a top-flight small-cap research firm and I am proud to be associated with them. I am looking forward to presenting at the New York RedChip conference in August.”
Barry Sloane, CEO – Newtek Business Services (NasdaqGM: NEWT)

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