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The U.S. Economy And World Economy Will Cease To Exist By End Of 2015-2016

You hear on the news about how the world is ending...Europe if falling into the abyss.... The dollar is gonna crash! OMG..the WORLD IS ENDING! Please people...

The world is not ending, but there are many out there that want it to end. They want it to end because it sells. You know what I want to end? Greed. Corruption. Lies. But, that's not going to happen either. Because human beings are instinctive creatures... We do good, and we do bad...But when it comes to seems like we will do anything for it.....

I am part of the 99% of income earners in the United States. I don't really care. What I care about the most, is the fact that there isn't any real opportunity left in this country. The United States Government has bankrupted this nation for the next 20 years..

Lets look at the Real Time Statistics as of June 20,2012

US National Debt: $15.7 Trillion and counting

Debt per Taxpayer: $138,000 and counting

US Total Debt: $57 Trillion and counting

Total Unfunded Liabilities in Social Security and Medicare: $119 TRILLION

Total National Assets: $90 Trillion.

Federal Income Tax Revenue: $2.3 Trillion and decreasing

Unfunded liabilities in social security and medicare alone(w/out all the other national debt) is MUCH More than our assets...So not only are we broke now, but we are broke and even more bankrupt in the future... You can do simple math folks..Im not gonna bore you with the other stuff...

So now that we know we are broke, what do we do about it? Nothing. What's done is done. There is nothing we can do once a bubble has begun, because there is nothing to stop the momentum. The US Govt. debt bubble and USD dollar bubbles WILL both pop, and we will enter into another worldwide Depression. Europe is already there. There currency has been devalued and destroyed...Same will happen to the USA. Its not a question of IF, but WHEN this will happen. It is a mathematical certainty that it will happen. When you have market growth outpace, wage inflation you have a very serious problem in the future. Even if the US. govt ended spending 100%, it still will not stop the 2 biggest bubbles from popping.

Inflation will destroy world economic growth beginning end of 2012 going through 2015-2016...The manipulation of the world currencies will only last so long. Obama will be re-elected to make sure this happens... What will be the outcome by 2015? 50% unemployment or more. A 90% crash in real estate values, and 100% inflation... The NINJA(No Income, No Job, No assets) Generation(my generation) will be hit the worst because many are in college or out of college w/ 50-100K in student loan debt and will not be able to pay it back(just like the Govt. can't pay its debt back) If will feel like the world is ending, but it isn't... A 15 Trillion dollar GDP will end up being a 7-8 Trillion GDP.Its going to hurt...ALOT.

IF you think Im wrong...then the Bull. I really hope I AM wrong, but I doubt it. Inflation will be the biggest problem going into 2014-2015... The next 5 years will be marked w/ next to zero growth, and the bursting of the biggest bubble in modern economic history...The US govt. debt bubble.