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A Hope And A Prayer, Two Chips.

|Includes: Ford Motor Company (F)


Ford's net worth continues to grow

Ford's cash on hand continues to grow, guaranteeing the dividend

New diesel in 1/2 ton pick for 2018

Ford Ranger to reappear in 2019(?)

It makes a profit, pays a dividend, has been around for over 100 years

I bought calls this morning for $11.  10 of those rascals to be exact!  Thus, I have the right, but not the obligation to purchase Ford stock at $11.  Up, down, or sideways...this is my right. 

"A hope and a prayer, two chips and a chair, and that's what we call poker!"  This seems to be the theme song these days for every new company that can in any way claim to be connected to some kind of tech.  Heck, even GE is trying to "hard wire" oil wells and such.  Really?

At some point the market is going to realize that only a few big names are carrying the S&P 500 right now.  Way too many others have P/E's so high you'll get a nose bleed just TRYING to research them.  I have noticed of late that when things get dicey for the S&P, Ford goes up.  So there's hope I guess.  At some point Value stocks will regain their appropriate importance and all of the "we'll make alot of money someday!" boys will once more be returned to the basement to scrabble for more "new money". 

Progress is great.  Innovation is great.  But I need reasonable returns for dollars invested.  I'm still long...and hopefully getting longer...on Ford :-)

Disclosure: I am/we are long F.