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He Who Fights And Runs Away.


Ford is best stock available today according to all of my research

The "Ford Trolls" should not be underestimated

Profits/Dividends Trump (pun intended) pie in the sky eventually

The North Vietnamese Army (NVA) had a huge impact on my way of thinking today.  They taught the US Military the graduate course on "He who fights and runs away will live to fight another day".  A bitter lesson, well taught :-(

While Ford is producing profits, dividends, and increasing share value via equity increase, the Ford Trolls continue to batter the stock.  Any small detail they can find, any 1/2 truth on the behalf of THEIR holdings, will be... you can bet... well published.  They are force to be reckoned with.  Do not underestimate them.

So on the theory of fight and run away...and adding in "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" I bought puts today for October 6th, right after they've reported their sales for SEPT.  While long term I believe that value will overcome B/S, I see no harm in profiting from the Ford Trolls publishing.  With Hurricane Harvey, and the Brexit still in play, I believe the sales numbers for August will come in light.  Ditto for October.  However, on this short term play, one should not be greedy but should remember what the NVA taught so well... and take your profits and run.  1% @ month, and do it for 12 months still comes to 12%

Disclosure: I am/we are long F.