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$MMM Hits Sell Short Level That Smart Investors Will Take Advantage Of

Most investors are so bullish that they will be too blinded to short 3M Co (NYSE:MMM). However, this is probably the best short trade setup in the Dow 30. The stock has climbed for three straight weeks from $174 to $187.50. On fundamental valuations, the stock is way overbought and in technical chart trading, 3M Co has hit a trend line that caused a sharp sell off the last two times it hit. Any way you look, 3M Co is a stone cold short. Again, I personally do not think most investors will be sane enough to take advantage of this as they believe the stock market will go up forever. I, on the other hand am not swayed by emotion or greed or the talking heads on TV. 3M Co is a short with a downside target of $150.00. Huge profits to be had here.

Stock market investors can sell short shares of 3M Co