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Why I Am Bullish On $TWTR At This Price And Will Buy

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is slowly sinking towards its multi-year low of $13.80. This was last seen in early and mid 2016. Once this level hits the stock will be into major support. In addition, I believe the valuation of Twitter is solid enough to buy. Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter announced recently he was forgoing a salary. That shows confidence and dedication. In addition, as the stock sits in the $14 range the company is slowly figuring out how to monitize the social media platform. The second Wall Street sees a path to full monitization, the stock doubles in value. Even if that does not happen, at a price point of $13.80, the stock is very attractive to a buyer. While the buyout price may not be $25 as was thought months ago, it is still likely at $20 buyout, especially if that buyer believes they can montize the platform. Because Twitter is now the go to for news and media, it has major value. At a price of $13.80, I am happy to tuck this away and wait patiently for one of the above mentioned to happen.

Stock chart and bullish valuation meet on shares of Twitter