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Possible Bearish Topping Tail Forming On $AAPL

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) surged past the $800 billion market cap size, the first public company in history to achieve that. However, the question has to be asked, is the current P/E of 18 expensive for the stock? Many would argue that with a slow growth business, a normal P/E should be 10-12. In a bear market, maybe as low as 8. Historically, this ar accurate valuations. That means that the risk in Apple Inc. is high for investors buying now. Think about it like this, if we ever hit a recession (which will happen eventually), Apple could drop by 50%. Now ask yourself what the upside potential is on the stock from current levels? Maybe 10%, maybe 20% in the coming years? Investors should be careful.

Lastly, please note that the daily chart of Apple Inc. is putting in a bearish topping tail signal. This is a top signal on the stock and could mean there is downside coming. Be on alert.

Stock chart topping tail is bearish on shares of Apple Inc.