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Daily Macro-Market Highlights 11/1

|Includes: AAPL, Invesco DB USD Bullish ETF (UUP)

* APPL (Apple Inc.) - day one of the blog on 10/21/16 I included that the "chart appears to be signalling downside, anticipate a move towards $110." I wrote that very near the latest highs on 4 days later at $118.25, the stock closed today under $111.50. I think it might rebound from here but with elections around the corner Wall Street might stay suppressed so my stance is neutral at the moment. I do love to gloat, my AAPL speculation was pretty on point. There were some good puts to be based on that idea.

* The US Dollar pulled back another 0.5% during New York operating hours today. I have posted several bearish speculations on the US Dollar pullback so far, I was impressed to discover that it has already reached the price I had anticipated within "1-3 weeks" so my stance is no longer bearish, it's neutral. I speculate that the maximum downside from here won't be greater than 2% this month.

* The Euro, Swiss Franc and Japanese Yen benefitted from the US Dollar pullback today gaining 0.72%, 1.42% and 0.8% during New York operating hours respectively confirming my speculation posted last week that the Euro and Franc would rebound this week. The Great British Pound traded mostly flat.

* Western markets traded mostly down with the FTSE 100 dropping 0.53%, the German DAX dropping a whopping 1.3%. Eastern markets performed well in comparison with the Nikkei 225 closing up a flat 0.1%, Shanghai Composite Index closing 0.71% up and Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index closing 0.93% gains today.

* The S&P 500 dropped 0.68% today with the utilities sector losing the most; 1.62%. The energy sector was the only net-gainer closing up a slight 0.21%.

* Gold and Silver both traded up substantially, my stance continues to be bullish.

* Milk futures posted gains in the realm of 5% since I posted "Milk futures look poised to post gains in the realm of 5% through November…" in my 10/26/16 edition of "Macro-Market Highlights", a more rapid bullish performance than I had expected. This neutralizes my bullish stance.

* UK Government bond yields dropped slightly across the board from the 2-year to 30-year. This adds to my bullish confidence on the Great British Pound

* The New Zealand Dollar won in trading today advancing against all of its' major peers. The Japanese Yen came in second and the US dollar was the primary loser proving the pullback I had anticipated last week was a substantial factor in money flows today. On the weekly view today the Swiss Franc is the leader.