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2017 Recommendations: A (Partial) Year In Review

Dear Followers, 

When I started writing for Seeking Alpha on a whim in January 2017, I never really expected anyone to care about what I had to say. The fact that over 400 people liked (or hated) my articles enough to hit the "follow" button is both extremely gratifying and somewhat daunting. I do not want to let you down, and I must confess that I choose my words and recommendations more carefully now. Having followers makes everything seem a bit more personal. 

Over the last year, I have really enjoyed and benefited from all your comments...especially those that tell me I am wrong. Even though I do not always reply, I do in fact read every comment that is posted to my articles. Some of them are really quite thought-provoking, and I thank everyone who takes the time to reply with such detailed opinions. 

I almost always respond to private messages, so please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments. I am always up for reading suggestions - thanks again to Thomas Brugger for recommending Willis Johnson's book. Nothing like a great book to gain a whole new understanding about a company...and make a huge gain on the stock as well!

For readers who are unaware, I also maintain a blog called Stocks and Scuttlebutt. I use that space to post misfit material that doesn't really fit in at Seeking Alpha, if you're looking for something a bit different. Speaking of which, I compiled a brief review of my key recommendations in 2017. Head over to the blog if you're curious about how I've been doing on the gain/loss front. 

Best wishes for all of you (and your portfolios) in 2018!