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Florida Health Reform and Business Update

With the passing of Senator Kennedy who without doubt had the best interests of only the people in mind in his commitment to offer greater coverage to more people we seem perhaps even further than ever from either a reconciliation or even a half assed deal.  I had truly expected the latter a deal of interest groups that actually would end up hurting more Americans then it helped and choose winners and losers from the Washington lobbying groups.  Now I am unsure if even that will come true.

Again I do know one thing for certain and that is if we do not control medical costs we will bankrupt this nation faster than the original target bankruptcy date that many had predicted.  I do not know if we need reform until we can figure out why health insuance costs are rising over 12% per year.

Who is gaining from this?  I don’t even know for sure that is the health insurance companies because lets remember they work on margins and these margins are usually a few points so the only way they increase profits is to increase membership and expand into new areas of business etc.  I am not so certain about the health profession, and even less convinced that Washington and Wall Street are not complicit in this.  Wall Street can basically take any commodity and either short it excessively as to substantially change the price of it like oil going to $160 a barrel a couple of years ago.  Washington with all of its silly ear marks and useless legislation needs to pass a decent tort reform to control lawsuits not eliminate them and then put a cap on these costs and stop letting big Pharma who is certainly complicit in these costs as is the makers of surgical tools etc.

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