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an "Apple a day will keep your blues away" by luba

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

 I have been following 4 stocks very closely.  By only paying attention to these few stocks I can see more clearly their patterns and their business. I track AAPL, FSLR, JOYG, and BUCY.  
First AAPL.  My very favorite stock.  I bought it when it was only $14.   then it split and  it took me for a long ride up.  I owe this company and Steve Jobs my gratitude for making me some good money.  I bought it with all of my IRA money that was sitting idly in the bank making me no money.   I tell everybody to invest their IRA's if they want to trade.  That way you can trade all you want and no tax consequences unless you take your money out when you get old.  By then hopefully you made a lot more money in your trading.  You do not have to worry about "short selling" or" long holdings". In reality you are trading with the dollars you do not need yet, which is even better.
 When everybody was ready to sell Apple stock and make it go away I bought it.   I think  Apple company is the one company that even when the stock plunged over 50% in the panic, it regained all of the losses and more. I sold at $215 and was very happy about that.  ( I am waiting to jump in again when it goes lower ).
Everybody that I know that owns apple computers or an I phone is almost fanatically attached to the brand of Apple and would not switch unless threatened with the bodily harm.  I feel the same and all of my gadgets are "apple gadgets".

 My brother however loves the "other" computer and I see him struggle with it on a daily basis but somehow he feels " more secure" with the  " non Apple one".  I will give him one more year before he switches.  Somehow there is this perception among some of the Microsoft users that apple computers are harder to use and are more complicated.  The  reality however could not be further from the truth.  Apple computer are so easy to use and the they do not get viruses like the other PC's.  

I would love to meet Steve Jobs for lunch and thank him in person for what he has done for me and for the "mankind" .  I will even buy his lunch with the money that I made with an Apple stock.   Lunch on Maui Steve???? Please take me up on it.!!!     Overall we run all of our businesses on Apple and I find it a "cinch" to use.  We cannot wait for the tablet to come out.  We will be the first ones in line to get it .
( well maybe the next day or so after we decide to leave the beach).

See you  at the beach on Maui! 
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Disclosure: long on Aapl