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Tesla. Like Wow.


Tesla and Elon Musk Are in the Headlines.

Nearly All the Headlines are Scary.

Tesla: Company or Obsession?

I keep reading about Tesla. You know, that's the company with the eccentric CEO billionaire with the inventive mind, Elon Musk. This is a very creative individual that seems to delight in his personal rendition of shock'n'awe. A storm stronger than a Cat 4 hurricane swirls around the company and its CEO, and shows no signs of abating.

The commentary about Tesla is about as emotional and bifurcated as the image of the man itself. (Elon seems to love cultivating the 'crazy genius' image himself.) The depth of emotion regarding Tesla is itself rather frightening; after all, this is just a company with products, correct?

Apparently not. Tesla is a symbol of innovation. It is a 'green' company because of its products, which also makes it a weather vane for controversy. Tesla and CEO Elon are ostensibly in the cross-hairs of the big automakers. In other words, Tesla is not only a daring and unprofitable enterprise with a mercurial CEO but is also a magnet for business-world conspiracy beliefs.

Now Musk has given up on the idea of taking Tesla private. The 'secured' funding has evaporated. The Saudis (or whoever) have disappeared. Tesla will remain public. A positive piece just published on Tesla here at SA has the company positioned as a future $4000 stock, the Tesla cars set to slide into a futuristic role as self-driving taxis in a MaaS (Mobility as a Service) model.

Only one problem: fully autonomous vehicles are a decade away, if not more. Beyond that, the big auto companies are heavily invested in Autonomous Driving, and not only: Google and other non-automotive companies with enormous resources are also heavily invested in that race. 

That is part of the charm and mystery of Tesla and Musk - how a company with inverted profits and cash flows that has now infuriated investors because of its CEO's sloppy Twitter excursions will rise to be the kingpin of a space that 1) does not yet really exist and 2) features competitors that are capable of shoving Tesla right out of the game.

I agree that Tesla could be a $4000 stock one day. It's also possible that the Trump Presidency might pass a day without controversy. And a 50-something Barry Bonds might just make a comeback as a relief pitcher for the Class A San Jose Giants (but I'm guessing not). Crazy is everywhere these days.

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