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One Stop Shop For Top Notch Waterjet Cutting Service


In today’s world, waterjet service is in high demand. Waterjet cutting is a cost effective way to cut 2D shapes in various kinds of materials without any tooling costs.

Waterjet Solutions.

Metal Cutting Water Jet Machine.

What is Waterjet?

A waterjet is a versatile and flexible machining tool that can cut different kinds of material competently and cost-effectively to form an array of parts. Being fast, flexible, and precise, waterjets are in huge demand in today's technology enhanced world. It is based on the technology of high-pressure water being forced via a tiny hole to concentrate huge amount of energy in a small area. The restriction of the tiny hole, typically known as the 'orifice' or 'jewel', creates high pressure and high-velocity beam. Waterjet cutting inherently is an environmentally friendly process which doesn't require any cooling or lubricating oils like traditional mechanical cutting systems. Nearly all materials, no matter hard or soft, can be cut by waterjet. A single waterjet tool can perform various functions like precision cutting, drilling, sawing, broaching, slitting, spline cutting, blanking and gear cutting.

What Is Abrasive Water Jet Machining?

Both Water Jet Machining (WJM) and Abrasive Water Jet Machining (AWJM) are two non-traditional or non-conventional machining processes. In the process of water abrasive jet machining, the mechanical energy of water and abrasive phases are used to remove material or machining.

Addition of hard and sharp abrasive particles into the water jet significantly enhances the cutting ability of water jet machining, which is why water abrasive jet machining is used for the domain of harder and 'difficult-to machine' materials, including thick plates of steels, aluminum and other commercial materials, reinforced plastics, layered composites etc.

There are lots of companies offering waterjet service to provide you with the desired machine parts or other equipments, but only a top notch service provider like FEA, Inc. can give you the best results. FEA, Inc. is one of the leading waterjet cutting service providers in Orlando, Florida, which uses high pressure water jet machines to serve the clients with faster and higher product quality.

FEA, Inc. also offers various additional and supplementary services that allows them in not just making their parts to precision, but to finish, assemble and install them, resulting into a truly finished product for the customer.

Until now, FEA, Inc. has supplied huge numbers of custom fence and guard rail pieces and other machinery parts to huge numbers of customers. FEA assures timely delivery of quality parts.

FEA has customers countrywide, and can ship nationwide. The company possesses a diverse blend of satisfied customers, ranging from architectural, automotive, and boat companies to deep sea drilling, retail stores, the US military among many others.

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